Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brownies,cupcakes and everything nice.

First,my mum and her sister (acu Ana) always have the enthusiasm in baking and cake decorations. Then come the baking business by Acu that wow Pahang clan and her faithful clients. I love baking pastry instead of cakes. Because it involve less eggs and I can put my favorites fruits,cheese or custards.
Then there are pies,puff pastry, lasagna and of course last but not least the unbaked cheese cakes. But,this March I bake brownies and cupcakes for people I care and love. I'm an amateur still and have a lot to learn.
pic: Acu in buns production.

Mum is currently expanding her skills in baking and clients in Shah Alam,while Acu is currently involve in bun,pizza and chocolate production.

I enjoyed cake decorating,but refuse a bite. Typical. Well,hopefully that my brownies and cupcakes smitten the gastronomical experience of my love ones. =) And I shall try again and again for the perfect bake ever. Really,just out of love.^^

Pak Cu in Pizza class.

p/s: If u want to checkout my aunties best ever bake product, you can check her facebook. It's Rohana Mohamed Nor Ana facebook. (Bear in mind,she cover Pahang area only....)

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