Friday, March 18, 2011

weekend hearts.

Week 1 ended nicely. Got very interesting cases in ICU ward. Tired and positively saturated due to critically ill patients care is like an overall application of knowledge and experience rather than book referring course.

Got a report to be done. Hopefully I manage to do it right. Apart from experiencing critical illness care and the world of pharmacy,I experience other valuable things.

Like value of family,love,intention, work ethics and hard facts of medical world. The truth, I would love to learn everyday,fulfill my duty as His servant and feel happy at the same time. Well,I know it's hard to feel happy when you're busy plus in very stress situation.(note: hospital is my workplace,managing sick people is not like managing a fashion boutique ok?)

So, I promise myself to be grateful everyday. When I wake up after Subuh prayer, I tell myself,today is a good day. A beautiful day given by Allah. I must work smarter,ibadah harder and appreciate every moment I have.

Syukur. A simple practise. Worth a whole life.


Kita selalu nak bersyukur kalau kita diberi benda baru,
Dan kita lupa bahawasanya apa yang ada pada kita ini
Satu nikmat yang besar

Kata Hamka " Yang ada ini sudah harapan kita"
Tetapi insan,
Bukan salah untuk kita mengharapkan yang belum ada,
Tetapi jangan lupa yang telah ada

Sebab itu
Sebahagian dari para sarjana menyebut
Syukur kadang kala lebih tinggi makamnya daripada sabar
Ramai orang terpaksa sabar
Tetapi belum tentu orang yang dapat nikmat itu bersyukur
p/s:Kata-kata ini sy pinjam dari sahabat lama dari facebook. Maklum sejak akhir-akhir ini asyik berkejar ke hospital,menyiapkan laporan hospital dan kurang tidur. Urusan dunia yang tidak pernah habis.


Tired. Exhausted. Emotional drain. Sore muscles. Headaches. Stress. Striving to achieve goal. Unwanted events. heart wrenching conversation. unappreciated effort. work politics. gossip. back stabbers. heartless people. strict superior. limited experience. misunderstood. SLE.

Everything. Everything that we experience during our working life can bring up the worst or the best in you. It is how we deal with it everyday. I happen to be the trouble avoider person which help a lot in a very stressful situation. If it ain't broken don't fix it.

I also happen to be a learner, not 'I-know-everything-gal' type. I learn from every event,people,my own experience plus others. Yeah, I am not perfect too. Which is a good reminder.
At the end of the day, I just want to go home, to a place where I could be silly and still love. Home where my family is with unconditional love. Home where I am appreciated and as important as anyone in the world. Home, where my pain is manageable and condition is very well understood. Everyday, I am grateful.


p/s: I love you,mum and dad.~<3

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