Sunday, June 12, 2011


Life is not just about finding who you are,

It is

Also about creating who you are.

p/s: currently pack with research work. Busy? Not much. I'm just enjoying some good time. InsyaAllah,I'll be writing again for more. Writing helps to make me see the world better. And who knows?


sara said...

_ó(*¤*)ò./”/_ Ŧʘk..ŢØk..Tuan rumah yang ÇÄñŢįķ lagi bΔƗķ ǶȁŢȴ..Boleh ŜąŘƋ perkenalkan diri?

anumz sarah said...

Salam sara,

Silakan. It seems that you have fashion business blog. Good. ^^