Tuesday, May 17, 2011



There are things I'm not good at. One of it: is spending time doing nothing.

And this final break which could also be known as my 'penganggur terhormat' time is proving a serious headache and bad time wasters.

Really, I need a job. It's been fun spending time at home,cooking, cleaning the horror in my closet and not to mention my serious lack of storage for books. But...after almost two weeks I'm beginning to feel an itch of have to go out more,experience more,travel and if possible get that job,now!

I've read my most anticipated novels (that I save to read after exams) watch movies that I list to my lil sis (to be watched after exams),then after my I-don't-know-how-many-times movie watching,it's time to ditch the 'Betty Crocker' mood and get back to living life.

WHAT I WANT VS WHAT SLE LIMIT ME TO DO. (don't like this one.Yew!)

Now,listing 100 things that inspire and make me happy seems the best thing to do to get to know myself back.I've changed. A lot. And I must get to know myself back and learn to handle things in life that would be unfamiliar to me before.

I was a student before. And my responsibilities lies around me where I could play my part well, because that's what I've been practising for 19 years.

Studying,scoring a.k.a. being a student.

But now, I'm losing the title officially. There's this ME;figuring life and what I should do NOW. I guess the butterfly is out of cocoon right?

Wonder what adventures and life could be ahead?

p/s: SLE still be the worries when I make decision on what I want to do. CRAP!


Anonymous said...

As salam...

Anum....are you going to join the Walk-A-Payung this Sunday?

anumz sarah said...

InsyaAllah. I've got original plan for the day. maybe will come by to check out. ^^