Sunday, May 1, 2011

Almost there


Been drown in masses of book,reference,notes,short notes,past years and tonnes other exam preparation. Still, I need my escapisme route to relaxation and life precious moments.

Thanks to Digi,me and my lil sis won free tickets to Yuna's Secret Concert. Yeay! I attended the show(I did bring my short notes...uuu...feeling of guilt) and had bust off my stress chemicals. I meet new people and make new friends. Thank you Amira Husni and the gurls from USIM who are positively cheerful. Make my day.=)

Then quickly rushed off to home after a quick dinner at Pappa Rich without meeting Yuna herself.=(. It's exam week,I don't want to burn my chance to score. Still, I enjoyed the evening with her great performance and suave songs. ^^ Thanks Yuna.

Did you guys see my Malaysian Scarflets link?? *wink wink.=) hihi.... I updated news on Malaysian Scarflets Fashion almost every week. Although there are some links that connected to international online shop which I need to do a bit of blog organizing later~( final papers need my attention).

What I love is now,I have wide range of fashion to choose from. And it's from people who understand how to look good in hijab. These are my new favourite links.

1. AMI SPUTNIK SWEETHEART- her line of fashion is superb.more on high fashion.
2. PASTELINA -run by 2 friends with creative new sweet design. *I love their Maxi skirts!
3 Diana Rikasari Up Shoes -this is from talented Indonesian designer. And she design beautiful creative wedges,which I ADORE!! check her out,you will not be dissapointed.
4. ButtonMyButtons-Need I say more? Ms Shahida's design always makes me drool....If only I cuti....

And others like Hijab fashion street, Kak Suri's blog are one of my weekly must-updates . Also new talent from Singapore Dian Hazwani. She has Norah Jones elements that I like. Her songs are quirky and enjoyable. Love it. Hopefully she'll be releasing new album and who knows? I might be in one of her shows.~<3


I know I build this blog to share many events in life. And yes I still do. Simplylifesarah is evolving. It has become a medium of connection for me to the world that is simply different from mine.

Simplylifesarah has meet new people,share experience,spread love and updates information that closely connected to me. I have evolve too. I learn,share,laugh and keep my positive attitude vibrate with this blog. It has colored my life beautifully.

From the SLE girl, Hijab fashion, events,people and many more. I shall write again. InsyaAllah... pray for my success in academic part. Whoever you are thank you,thank your for your willingness to share and to spread the love.

p/s: check out Yuna's new single-MEMO. Love it!

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