Thursday, June 18, 2009

Once there was a town boy...

"Abah pernah kayuh basikal dari Negeri Sembilan ke Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. Kawan abah dulu Dr. Gowhd tumpang di belakang basikal. Bayangkan... The value of education is priceless and that's why I want my children to experience more than I could. "


Itu pesan abah atau panggilan Daddy jika kami berbual dalam bahasa Inggeris. He is a smart man, my dad. Waktu di sekolah dulu abah is the only anak kampung melayu yang berada dalam kelas pertama dan selalu skor matematik.

Abah yg eccentric. He has many theories,could read books and memorize most of the content after one read and he could talk about anything. From history,biology to the most fascinating physic theories of any mechanical stuff.

Abah yg saya kenal bukannya sempurna,he has his weakness too. In fact saya percaya Abah sering admit his mistakes and allow open conversation but being the most brilliant man he's not much a listener. Mom does it for us. She's the good listener and Dad very much the good advisor.

Saya percaya Abah had done his best in raising us. Alhamdulillah,we are grateful for his act of resposibilities,his maturity in giving us lessons in life and mostly his unconditional love. Not a perfect dad but THE BEST. =)


" Mama, you married a 'town boy'. Let him enjoy all the mamaks and kopitiaming as he should in his golden years. He is never going to be the gardening stay at home husband you longed for... It's just who he is..."

Itu nasihat Along ketika Mama membandingkan Daddy dengan uncle Mat, jiran sebelah. Abah sudah pencen hampir 2 tahun lebih dan gemar 'kopitiaming' atau spend time exploring the city hawkers. Yup,uncle sebelah rumah memang suka berkebun dan sering saja kelihatan di rumah sesudah pencen.

But my Dad is more the adventurous type of guy. He grew up in PJ,the bustling neighbourhood with all the cities excitement. Worked in KL and has a knack of exploring cities hawkers. He loves those atmosphere. Had been travelling around country and bought books on local delicacies and where you can find them in Malaysia. Books on photographs,Malay pantun, histories,and anything.

He had his library or I called it his 'Lab' due to masses of books and magazine.He jot down ideas and thought from reading and always with his gadget tech during his time in his 'lab'.

Typical dad. I usually comment. But I knew that's who he is. There this 'town boy' somewhere inside my golden age Dad....


We have not known much leisure in life. We are not taught of luxury. Dad always the simplest flexible guy I ever know.

He once told us :

" When I got the letter from Malay College of Kuala Kangsar( MCKK), I had the letter thrown in the dustbin. My father was very poor,he can't afford to pay my study fees. Only after a week my brothers realised the letter and even so,they still can't do anything about it. We had no money for RM 10 fees..."

He had the chance. But he can't afford to be the burden to his family. We are the lucky ones. Dad used to say. We had better things in life but still we can't accomplished his success. He had better success because he was not born to have many things but still can succeed.

That's when I realised the true meaning of wealth from my Dad. It is the simple gestures, the ability to appreciate knowledge and chances in life, the ability to improve from time to time and become a better person without the material possesion.

Wealth is more than ability to make more money. It is the ability to appreciate what you already have and the REAL things you CAN'T BUY. Love,family,peace and many more the material can't give you.

hehe..of course not this bike...

My Dad is the only bank manager who ride a 'kapcai' bike to go to work. He used to joke about his bike and sometimes let us ride around. But most of the time he always arrived 11 pm to the house,exhausted and then must worked harder during Raya season.

He still had his kapcai bike though. Dad is sentimental even for a guy. That bike helped him feed his 4 children. His real wealth is to care for us.
Thank you Dad, for all the things money can't buy....


My parents are not the lovey dovey couple.But they are stronger than ever. 33 years of marriages .33 years of learning differences,battling the hard truth reality of life in marriages and they are still together.

I still watch them quarrel. But there this funny things happen when old couples fight. They argue yes,but they respect and consider each other opinion. And it always resolve when one of them put a white flag then both worked out to find the win/win situation.

I guess differences are needed to make you grow up in relationship. To complete and to learn what truly matter in life. The sacrifises they made for us to earn our life now are more than what we could imagine.

Now my Dad is enjoying much of his golden age. Soon my Mum will retired from teaching and they will have more time together. Mum had always wanted a quiet stay at home time after her pension,but I knew Dad already plan the whole Malaysia Tour for both of them with our old family van.

Well,I guess that's what happen when the 'town boy' meets 'kampung girl'...

p/s: Happy Fathers' Day Dad!! =)


Selamburb said...

menariknyer citer..
best bebenor..
yang bestnyer..
jalan citer ngan moral value..
tu yang mahal..
bagi 5 stars..

biskott said...

"We had better things in life but still we can't accomplished his success."

"It is the simple gestures, the ability to appreciate knowledge and chances in life, the ability to improve from time to time and become a better person without the material possesion."

kita selalunya take things for granted. maka, sebab itu kita selalu terlupa untuk menghargai segala peluang yang kita ada.

MD said...

Good piece - salams to your daddy for having children who adore him. That's gift enough - I think!

fareast said...

boleh dapat title bapa mithali ni. Nice dad you got there.

Siti Salina said...

Hi Anum,
Nice story about your father. Boleh kait dengan lat. Boleh publish outside nie.

anumz sarah said...

Salam selamburb,

Syukran sudi singgah dan baca. Anum cuba cerita apa yg anum tau pasal daddy. But still I'm not daddy's girl, my lil sis is. Haha... Thank you sgt sudi singgah selamburb. ^^

p/s: Thank u juga sbb sudi komen. ^^

anumz sarah said...

Salam biskott,

Entry terbaru di blog biskott menyedarkan juga. Kadang-kadang bila terasa susah dlm hidup sebenarnya ada yg lebih susah lagi. Life is tough isn't it?

Terima kasih biskott sudi singgah dan baca. Selamat menyambut hari menghargai bapa juga!!^^

anumz sarah said...

Salam MD,

Thank you very much for visiting and read my humble entris. Not a professional blogger just a minor writer. Thank you for the support and comment MD. ^^ I appreciate it so much.

p/s: Salam to u too.^^

anumz sarah said...

Salam fareast,

Haha... my dad is not perfect though. I'll guess when ypu learn to appreciate things does got better each time. And about Dad, I believe they hold important pieces in children's life too.

p/s: Kudo's to all responsible Dad. You are THE BEST!!

anumz sarah said...

Salam kak Siti,

Hanya cerita kecil ni Kak Siti. Maklum blogger kecil-kecilan.. hehe. Tak pro lagi..^^ InsyaAllah jika ada rezeki dan peluang anum cuba try2 publish. Terima kasih kak sudi singgah dan baca.

p/s: Baaaanyak lg kena belajar. ^^