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Memoir Kuching,Sarawak-Part 1

Intializing memoir

(Babe,cepat off phone,dah nak fly ni...)

Well,saya tahu sepatutnya saya update blog once a week. And blog raya korban saya diupdate exactly after journey. Maafkan diri penulis ya teman? Kepenatan menyinggah dengan tekanan untuk kembali ke norma kehidupan harian(plus dengan result exam yang menakutkan..aiya...)

Alhamdulillah, penat sudah hilang dan izinkan saya berkongsi memoir Kuching dan Miri selama seminggu.
(at waterfront..lovely night)

Sebelum itu,saya ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Uncle Safawi dan auntie Nona sekeluarga(Adi dan Ira),Auntie Anisah and Family and Auntie Comi for making our journey in Kuching as memorable as possible. Thank you so much,for the words of thanks sometimes seem so underestimate for your warm welcome and gracious kind.

Day 1


Samudra Hotel,Waterfront Kuching,Dinner at auntie Anisah's house,kek lapis sarawak,kampung Gersik,Petrajaya.


Shopping at waterfront bazaar,long walk at waterfront.learn the basic Kek Lapis Sarawak 101, Mee Kolok for beginners, Captain Safawi's trip to Petrajaya and Babe's 1st flight!! hehe..(My little sister's manja name,before this it's baby...)

Packing bag memang payah.Sbbnya saya jenis malas nak bawak brg banyak2 during travel. Backpacking is my favourite way.Senang and convenient.Plan yang tertera,hanya 2 hari di Kuching dan 5 hari di Miri. Saya terpaksa menggunakan beg baju besar yang beroda memandangkan mama and the geng( the called themselves as Cik Kiah's clan/rombongan Cik Kiah) will of course shop and tremendously increase amount of travelling bags from thin air.

Flight is at 8.20 a.m. which is always the favourable time for me to travel.Early birds got the fattest worm.(ye la tu...sbnrnye lagi murah air fare...Go Air Asia!! Now everyone can fly! ^^)

Then off to Samudra Hotel after we got there. Thank you to auntie Anisah and Auntie Comi for helping us to get accomodation in Kuching. After a brief lunch with auntie Anisah,Auntie Comi,Auntie Nona and Ira(we crammed in one room,I called it sharing with care. Love it),then we headed to Waterfront Kuching.

Waterfront Kuching

It is a local place for shopping and sightseeing. I love the atmosphere there. Calm,simple and leisure walks along the Sarawak River. It is like having a simple version of Bintang KL walk plus clean environment and Sarawak River beneath you. Pure innocent.

Left to right:

The new Masjid Kuching on construction Then old Masjid Kuching along the streets shops.

Ohyeah, historic buildings are influence by British Colonial Design. Examples are: Chinese History Museum, the Sarawak Steamship Building, an open-air theatre and the Square Tower. There are addition of course,the moderns stuff but as you know changes are good if it include additing the public facilities,public toilet,tea terrace and historic sculptures.

The view? Breathtaking. I could sit quitely there or enjoying a long quiet walk. Sometimes that's what a person on vacation need,a quiet time to hear own voice. It helps to get sanity from all the hurdles in life . You could check out this views of course: Astana, Fort Margherita and the Malay kampungs which line the north bank of the river.

Night time is actually the best time to experience Kuching. See the picture,you know what I mean.

Well,saya x mahu type panjang,thousands of description that come from typing waterfront Kuching in Google. But up there it is 100 percent pure opinion of backpacker craze fan .

Dinner and Uncle Safawi's treat to Petra Jaya

Mee Kolok(as I see it):
Like a mee maggie,with a simple soup/chicken broth that sometimes eaten with wantan or ayam masak kicap/merah. The taste is simply nice. My bro love it though. I like it for dinner coz it is simple to make and taste nice too.(senang nak masak,x yah banyak2 keje..)
Dinner is at auntie Anisah's house. She's a kelantanese entepreneur married to a Sarawakian and since that has been doing business of Kek Lapis Sarawak.

Here some pictures of simply sedap Sarawak Layered Cakes:

Then post dinner Petra Jaya ride with uncle Safawi. He introduce us Petra Jaya during a long night ride. I love the library in Kuching. It's the state of the art architecture.(Miri's Library is also very huge and a beautiful building)Wondered why Shah Alam's library is not as welcome like Kuching's or Miri's? Shah Alam supposed to be a city of knowledge rite?

We also went to Kampung Gersik which is actually opposite the Waterfront river bank. An old Malay Village that stood still as time pass by. The Kuching North City Hall(Dewan Bandaraya Kuching Utara) is situated here. Kinda like Putrajaya. I couldn't get many pics but google help out.

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