Sunday, November 2, 2008

After watching Premonition...

After watching Premonition,I realize that yes love and marriage need a lot of hard work. Attention and effort.

You just don’t say I love you,but you nurture the love through time and life. The routine,the expectancy,the unknown hindrance and of course love hurdles.

I may not be the perfect person to talk about love coz I never had a real relationship. Although I would like to write about it anyway...

Relationship and marriage. 2 things that affect your life and perspective. I know that even if I tried to find the best solution for any arithmetic problems,I still can’t find any formula for love.

My once an English lecturer taught us that love is not a feeling. Nor lust. It is much more than that.

I understand that we women and men are the most genuine things that would look for love. We seek and try to understand. Underneath all flaws and mistakes we done as a human being still we complete ourselves by the love we had.

I can’t say a perfect marriage is without argument nor fight. Perfect marriage also doesn’t stand to stay away from intruder or the third person. All I can say we all had our definition of love.

Does that mean love can’t hurt? No it can. Sometimes it hurt a lot more than you think it could. But by all means,love also can heal.

It’s the question of courage,sacrifises and most of all. An effort by 2 person. Not one.

It needs 2 to fall in love. Why only one work?

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