Thursday, September 13, 2012



Alhamdulillah,September seems calm enough with all the stress of sending logbooks and final preparation to become full registered pharmacist. I actually manage to steal time for Yanie's bridal shower. She is our dearest friend and is the most kind heart person I had become lucky to be friends with. Sincere and positive too. Bless you Yanie, for all the love Allah surround you with.

SInce she is the master of prank,(believe me she is) the 2 mastermind Namie and Wina had a foolproof plan to kidnap the bride-to-be and bring her to the secret location. Hehe... Namie's backyard. IT WAS SUPER AWESOME since they had decorated it with star shaped lampu lip-lap. are some pics for you guys to enjoy. =)


It was my first experience ever actually. I don't know the details but I do read about it at Vivy's Her blog is awesome. ^^. Okay2, I get back to original stories. We actually had quite fun and had customized the bridal shower to suits muslimah's theme. 

Look at the door gift we got!! =D

I'm loving the muslimah's bridal shower theme since we shared bits of meaningful ayat Quran and hadith among us. Plus the food was SO SEDAP!! You can never beat homecooked meal ok? Esspecially when you make it with love and ikhlas. 

Yanie got a lot of presents although there are some naughty ones. Aip!! when I mean naughty it is still within the baik range ok? Bukan naughty bukan2. We know our limits.


But you know what, the best thing about this whole bridal shower stuff is about being there for someone you love. Because after this she will be exploring a whole new world, marriage, family-in-laws events, being wifey, pregnancy and a whirlwind experience that need attention which our dearest friend will soon enough be busy and we would understand how important to respect her time.

This is not goodbye, this is a celebration of a whole new experience of being a woman in this world created by Allah. We are her friends, we will always be supportive regardless near or far. Maybe physically distant but in our hearts we are always close. With Doa and deep understanding we organised this bridal shower for her. 

So our dearest Yanie, may the ukhwah always grow and become strong, even we as Muslim woman changes our roles as time comes. Know this, our ukhwah is based on Allah, thus we always pray and wish the best for you. May Allah will always be with us. Ameen.

p/s: we had fun with the games that Namie and Wina had stored for us. These 2 people are the best moderator ever!=)

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