Saturday, September 29, 2012



One thing about work I learned is seniority. It was a really shocking experience for me. The truth I never expect work would bring the best and worst of me. I have always seen bossess are just boss. A position with powers and great temptation. I actually never cared about that until I have the experience of how bad or good a work politics can become.

As usual I would definitely do my job with vision of wanting to do it because it's an amanah from Allah. I applied the concept of God is my CEO since pleasing people are more difficult than pleasing humans. I understand the concept from the start and keep my nose down and chin clean.

But people can be...people. You may do your work as best as you can, or as ikhlas as you want. My vision of my job is to see it as God entrusts responsibility and achieve almost perfect work done. Well, that is an individual vision.

Then,something happen. I grow up and began to clearly to see what is seniority is all about. What is a position from another person view. What is the meaning of 'kerja bawah orang'.

No wonder,when most people come back from overseas they are told to mums the word, this is Malaysia. Or keep opinion about it or in other term,shut up and just do your work.

I had a friend who told me that: 'if your bossess want you to be stupid,then be stupid.'

And the truth, I don't wanna be stupid,so I just play stupid then.


I've just finished watching 'THE HELP' movie. It's liberating and at the same time it gives a really good point. Courage is something that you need to use it wisely. And I am in the learning process of humility, understanding what is work politics and how to manage it properly.

It's one thing when "If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all", then there's this one thing, "Don't let people bullied you around." You are the one in-charge when it comes to this matter.

Too many arguments will definitely score you the target list to be put down or too nice,you become the doormat where people just 'pijak' you.

Balance, and skills to avoid trouble are necessities to survive. But surviving is not enough, you need to know who is the real person you are dealing with. And a very good soft skills to deal with people around you, which in this term please use it for good things not to use people around you.

Of course,there are many examples out there I'm sure. People who talks nice in front of you,when actually he/she is the one reporting bad things to your colleagues/bossess. Double face, back-stabber or gossipers name it you will get it. This is the real world people. A very real world.

And I thank God for my brother's sarcastic remarks when I told him I will be starting to work: " Welcome to the real world".



I'm a government servant indeed. I work from 8am to 5 pm, with extra amount night calls 5pm-10pm and supernight shift from 10.00pm-8.00am. I work hard and smart,accept my responsibilities to serve patients at hospital trying my best to provide a very good healthcare.

And yes, I am human too. I need my sleep, rest, food, I am bound to have feelings just like every normal human beings. And I make mistakes despite always double checked and learn from my previous mistakes. I feel tired,angry and sometimes sad too. I have SLE,chronic illness disease, fears of my health and my kidney, trying the best to fulfil emotional needs as a normal beings and pushing away the concept of perfections. I have my best,worst,the good and the bad qualities of any normal human being.

I am constantly improving myself to achieve my goal which is 'berjaya dunia akhirat'. Don't simply judge me when you are the only one who knows how is it being you and could care less of how is it being me. We are who we are and we definitely have different perspective. 

I'm currently enjoying my everyday learning process,only this time much wiser. I still keep my mouth shut and yes, avoid office politics as much as I can. You can only control so much as you can,but then things could turn haywire and ruin your plans.

But I believe Allah has His reasons. And I'm grateful to learn it early and plan my careful steps in the future. I always plan to win the war,never the battle.  

To be told the truth is the most important things eventhough it hurts. But learn this, the truth does hurt but it is always better than lies.

So,I am determine to work hard for Allah, and as sincere as I can. InsyaAllah. And I am learning, happily and with more humility. =)

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