Friday, August 20, 2010

Ramadhan,SLE,final year & oh...hi there my health.


Test CVS-writing
Test Infectious Disease-writing & Viva
Test IBM-double it... thanx to very 'smooth' management we actually crammed our lecture in just 1 month,now we have 2 test instantly...'niceee.......'
CVS presentation- asthma&COPD coupled with Cystic Fibrosis&Allergy Rhinitis
My research- Thanx to my 'ambitious' supervisor,I now pronounce a confirmed one hospital with 50 respondent. That's it. Take it or leave it. I've made my decision.
The price of a degree scroll and CGPA? I really don't care much about the stigma. Life is not all about academic achievement,that I am SOOOO SURE.

But the ability of taking care of myself,earn my own pocket money even though I am stuck for life with SLE, that my dear blogger friend: PRICELESS.(well after degree kena kerja goverment kan.... ok la... gaji biasa2 tapi benefit ok.)

p/s: A bit tired this Ramadhan...maybe my body cuba mogok. Haha... x berjaya I still puasa macam biasa.=) Plus, I am enjoying Maher Zain so much right now.Happy Ramadhan peeps!~<3

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