Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plan,unplan or plan?


Lately i have been questioning myself, why I do things I do?
It seem simple,finishing my graduation. Answering those questions in the examination hall. Finishing reports,knocking lecturers door for approvals and day by day struggling to get things done almost perfectly.

As if all is not enough keeping myself healthy is a very mounting challenge plus I have to endure every pain in my muscles,fighting to survive even with SLE. Where will all these head? Why am I still fighting to survive?

I want to give meanings to all the things I do. Because it seem worthless when you struggle without purpose. I am searching. For something worth to fight for.


My definition of happiness seems a bit cloudy at this moment. Unaware of what and how things supposed to work and create a happy me.
There are so many uncertain things that I now look at my book planner in disgust wishing for a great weekend getaway at some deserted Island,just me and myself alone enjoying the white sands and waking early to watch sunrise.

The real thing is, I am hoping for something better to happen, with full honesty and I despite all the unexpected things in life,able to enjoy,smile and be happy.

Well,all I can say now, I am enjoying something new. from my favourite Malaysian singer-songwriter. What can I say? Life is unexpected. Life is super something. Night people!

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