Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A definition of my own.

I got out of the pool after 45 minutes. I love swimming so much. And UITM pool is the best caused it is a closed pool thus private from public eyes. Sitting alone at the chair,I watched other people. It has been a quiet life lately. After enduring a month of SLE attack last May I could say month of June is a kind of redemption.It has been full of colors. Plus my birthday is near and things have been a lot better lately.Alhamdulillah.

I don't know why I like to stress on time,months or anything related to the most incredible physics mysteries called 'time'. For certain people,it's just month,it's just age,it's just this and that.But,I care less what people say about this day.
I want to celebrate what I have NOW. It has been an incredible journey for the past 22 years. And the biggest one I should say is dealing with SLE, living with it and at the same time embrace life.It has been quite a struggle,there was a very very sad time indeed,and very happy times too. It has been an incredible journey.
There is something about getting older and trying to act your age. Is an age a determination of maturity? I must say NO. And maturity doesn't just come knocking at your head just like that. Experience,hardship,other people experience with open mind conversation,humble acceptation and life achievement could influence it.

Men could change. IF ONLY THEY WANT TO.

And change towards better is the mark of achievement that could lead to maturity.


Langit Ilahi Book is an interesting reading. It defines clear the real reasons why we live. It has been a good reading for me and I salute the author. It has been a while I was confused,trying to understand what is the real meaning of happiness and thanks to sekularisme and hedonisme,we lead life based on wrong believe. Alhamdulillah, Islam is a true blessing,and Allah is kind in a lot of ways.

I am grateful that I am not lost in the search of life fulfillment. I get stray away from time to time,but I always can come back, trying harder and smarter to become better Muslimah. InsyaAllah. By the way,what else to life than becoming His servant?
Langit Ilahi define life and living in the most understandable and truest meaning. Simple yet true.There are other readings such as Don't Be Sad by Syeikh Aaidh Abdullah Qarni , Saifulislam.com written by Ustaz Hasrizal, my favourite Islamic Malay novelist, Abu Hasan Morad and of course my all time favourite author Ustaz Pahrol Muhd Juoi.(Artikel Cinta bukan Tuhan dalam Majalah Solusi merupakan artikel yg hebat pernah sy baca...)

They have the most meaningful and life changing articles I ever read. Far better than my previous favourite author,Rowlings, Rhonda Byrne and such. Don't get me wrong I enjoy and even found their books are good but theologically they are just not as fulfilling.
Well, I'm still a newbies in the reading area,and trying my best to improve. Avid readers out there please be so kindly to help widen my paradigm. Who knows,it might changes us to become better in life....

'If you think you're the best,then there are other people better than you'.

p/s: Sharing my latest fav songs,Sparkle by Yuna and Hanafi.=)

Credit to: Yuna and Hanafi,No Black Tie.2 Nov 2009


MaRdHatILLah(Fatahiyyah) said...

Salam anum..hurm..lama x dengar khabar anum..sihat..? bila ur besday?heheheh

anumz sarah said...

Salam kak,

Alhamdulillah,anum semakin ok. May lepas saja yg teruknya... Mujur Jun anum dh start semakin better... Alhamdulillah sangat2. terima kashi kak sudi ingat kat anum ni. Besday? 3 julai ni. Selalunya bnyk perkara berlaku bulan Julai and harap2 yg baik2 saja... ameen.=) Terima kasih kak sudi tanya khabar anum ni...