Saturday, April 12, 2008

I pray and wish to...

I've been busy to keep things on track. My exams and my life. Things go wrong one day,and I just bleak from my usual self. I'm a survivor. A strong girl inside with hope to have preseverance outside.A girl,a hope and dream. I wish I could turn back time,to correct things and appreciate me. I've dream to drive my car with a satisfaction that I live my life. That I have appreciate other people too. Sometimes truth is harder than you thik. So here goes,I'm facing the truth right now. Praying that things will get better and doing everything right. Wishing that success is just around the corner...

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E Nursyaheera Sulaiman said...

Assalamualaikum Anum!~

Izin link kat blog Anum bleyh?

Truthfully, beberapa hari yang lepas, I think about the same thing. "Nape Wina x pernah mengenali Anum dengan rapat?". Padahal mcm vibration kite same je, sbb Anum ni ala-ala mcm Yanie jugak. Hehe. And Yanie is my bestest fren. Allah has his plans, Alhamdulillah.

Kalau Anum kenal Wina yg dulu, Wina x mcm ni, jadi mungkin Allah tak nak kasi Anum kecewa kalau kenal Wina yg dulu. But Allah is forgiving, beri Wina hidayah yg Wina dpt sekarang, and made me finally meet you again. ^_^. So, yeay!~ Wina ade rekrut baru.

Anum, nanti kite borak2 panjang lagi la ye. Boleh kongsi2, dgn Yanie skali. InsyaAllah kay. Keep up the blog work. You'll never know how words can touch other people's heart. ^_^

Salam rindu,
E Nursyaheera Sulaiman.