Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the truth about charlie...

Being a girl,having it's own opinion,thoughts and principe makes you a bit hard to be accept in the society. Even your own family. But my mother she never let me be the naive type of girl. She let me speak,think and create. She,herself is being taught in a conservative way. Thus she never want the same thing for me. I love her. She always take lessson out of life, never easy to surrender and a tough survivor. For me,man is unreliable.Love is what makes you accept the fact of being human being,we are never perfect. I don't blame men. They are what they are. And woman complete the cycle. I do love my father and brother. But it never teach me to appreciate them. I guess you feel useless to love a person cause they never accept you the way you are. But they want us to accept them. This,the fact about love makes me tired to be the one who always sacrifise my own feeling. I feel pain. and yes,love always soothe it out.

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