Monday, August 20, 2012

Ramadhan: strive for progress not perfection.


It has been a bit bumpy ride for me this Ramadhan. Super tired and 2 episodes of vomit. Not to mention crazy work schedule thanks to the biggest misunderstanding ever. Oh well... I tried to be proactive instead of blaming people. Really blaming other person won't get the problem solved,it just create more problem. Le sigh.....

Series of unfortunate events occurred when our house has been broken in by burglars. Damn you burglars!! 
Lucky we took with us balik kampung all the priceless items but now I lost my main laptop that I bought 6 years ago. Gee.... Am not so happy since I have all my important presentations and work files in there. Dugaan dari Allah..maybe Dia nak tegur us since I am soooo busy and neglecting few of my sunat routine that I practiced since highschool. Allah, please forgive me.

Ramadhan this time is not so perfect for me, but there are progress. I am able to bayar zakat fitrah for myself now.=) Plus am happy to buka puasa with family everyday although work schedule is super crazy. My research went well although I have to admit I got a bit roller coaster ride in finishing it. Oh well, am not a perfect person but hey I DID GIVE MY VERY BEST. =) 

Mum says, we have to pasang niat kerja sebab Allah and must be able to be professional at every level. I'm beginning to understand what she really meant. I am learning and finding balance in this challenging career. I hope I could find my stable ground and able to work with everybody professionally. There will always be challenges at work be it negative co-workers, uncooperative members, or just the nature of the work. But I am happy to say I love my job and learning something new everyday. Now I just want to strive for the best to please Allah and able to be a useful khalifah in this world. For this, I am grateful.

Thank you Allah, Thank you. =)

p/s: tak sempat lansung nak pg shopping raya. But I got my cuti awal sooo no complaint there. Hehe.... Oh ya, SELAMAT HARI RAYA PEEPS!!! XD

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