Saturday, April 2, 2011

BUSY APRIL- hijabfashion in love.( plus finals...^^)



These cute pins are made by my collegue. Ms Nur Amirah. You can always check out her facebook under my friends list. Be sure not to freak her out by introducing yourself first. Other than that she's a cool and fun person.
My fellow friends during our clinical training. And Ms Nur Amirah is the one with pink hijab. She has undeniable skills in making those cute pins.=)
some of her collections. If interested please check out her FB.^^

I love Hana Tajima Simpson's simple and functional style. She always has this minimalist yet unique sense of style. A successful expressive of monotone yet lively. A friend of mine recently potray her style. I enclose you some of the picture. Meanwhile,for all the hijabers out there, I send you my love and enjoy your fashion in faith!~<3
p/s: Thank you Ms Ili, Ms Hana and Ms Athira for such an amazing pose. I adore your love in fashion.^^

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