Sunday, December 12, 2010

The thing about grown ups...


Somehow I manage to fit to domestic lifestyle during this holiday. I cook,bake,have the house clean and do the laundry imagining if I continue this for the rest of my life,(which I assured you it NEVER gonna happen) boredom must have been printed on my forehead.

Still, i enjoy this domestic part but gladly swap it over anytime for career. Housewife is never an option.

My Riangriang shareholders have a small gathering last weekend. We talked,had meals together and exchanging current news. It's funny to think back that when we gather together before talking about nuptials,receptions events,baby diapers,HR deparments and investment for future economy stability never occured.
Niena came with her hubby and newborn Sabil. Addition to the new family,yeah! Then Emal with her career news at Petronas Tower(go go career woman!) and Piema with news of engagement and soon to be Mrs Salaam.

Only the down turn is missing ms Syazana Khalik,cause she's still at NZ.(I keep her present of NZ sheep it). Alhamdulillah... I am happy for my friends,plus wishing the best ever for them.
Now, the topics seems naturally welcoming. Even I was in shock not to be bother by it. I used to say 'grown ups topics' are just so strange and seems 'still far away'.


Come to think about it. It is no so strange or 'that far' anymore.
Choosing career,type of investment and beau characteristics are part of this thing called grown ups chat. Then there is also the chapter of entertaining guest that come with their husband/wife, trying to get along with plus working up for stable networking with people you barely knew in every aspect of life.

When I said 'You know, this is new to me.' What I meant is : 'really I never encounter this situation before,please suggest any appropriate action. or simply,hey I'm trying to figure out now,let see if my action worked.'

I guess it is true about human learn through their entire life. Indeed,how it is so true.

p/s: Although this is from Corinthians:When I was a child, I speak like a child,think like a child and reasoned like a child. When I grow up, I put all the childish things away.-I guess it fits with me now...

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