Saturday, April 17, 2010

I can live with you and yes, I can live without you.


Final is just around the corner. My dear blog, I have to keep my priority right am I? You understand me. And thank you for understanding me.

Part of me, just want to keep things at it's best state. Leaving without any unwanted circumstances. And the truth, I don't know how to say goodbye. Funny eh?

Growing up seems a bit harder now. Wish I know how to say what I really feel. But I can't. Cause I really don't understand what I'm feeling now.

Pardon me, dear bloggers. I realised that I haven't talk to 'me' for quite sometimes now. Keep on chasing dreams that is meaningless in the end. What is hope then? I don't really know too.

But Allah is always near,it's me who leave Him. Or lack to put an extra effort to get nearer to Him. Understanding His love,His gift and Hikmah. I have to go. For now. Maybe I see you sooner. Maybe I don't.

Cause I already told you. I don't know how to say goodbye.

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