Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blog untuk ahli farmasi.


I found out about a very useful blog while updating news on PRP facebook group. A very good blog indeed. It shares information on the real working life of a pharmacist and written by Mr. Syahrir bin Zaini, UIA graduate now working as Pegawai Farmasi in Johore.

Personally I admire his effort and felt relief as I am actually quite scared to start working . You see, I am not the creme de la creme in pharmacy faculty. Just a typical plain jane who have to strive smart and hard to get my degree in Pharmacy course. Plus with SLE it double the effort in everything. So for my friends I post this entry to share about the blog and hopefully we could empower our career as pharmacist. InsyaAllah..=)

Blog Rahsia Farmasi

p/s:sharing is caring!=)


Mardhiyah said...

thank u for sharing anummmm!! Muwahhhhh

taufik rahman said...

vimax terima kasih untuk sharingnya, artikel yang menarik, di tunggu artikel selanjutnya