Friday, January 21, 2011



Just fin breakfast with my big family. It's been a while I could really enjoy family gathering without my head buzzing with tonnes of work,assignment and research stuff.
I'm calmer now. Final semester been great,though it worry me. Hehe... I have not administer any study mood yet,but I better start earlier. Diabetes notes and treatments seems a bit complicated so I figured I better do something about it.

Finally mr. research have long gone. Alhamdulillah, I had finish mr. research happily and experience a lot. Even finally end in good term with my supervisor. Alhamdulillah again!

Along this exhausting journey,I found out that I enjoy some of the analytical stuff, statistic and discovering new things. Tipical me. Wish I could find my place in this world and give my very best to serve as a good Muslimah. Berjaya dunia dan akhirat, my Mum use to say.


Now,that I have plenty of time on my hand so I got in touch with my inner fashion sense. Ever since I read about Hana Tajima, Maysaa designer and Sarah Elenany in the newspaper, I've been googling (is there such a word??) them.
How wonderful to find out that the urban muslimah clothing line is actually doing pretty well in the world of fashion. I love how the simplicity of everyday fashion sense meet sharia'. Don't get me wrong, Malaysia has her own way of interpreting muslimah fashion with Baju Kurung, jubah dress and Muslimah T-shirt. I appreciate it so much.

Now,with selendang obsession I am getting picky on what to choose. It may look good on other people but doesn't mean it look good on you. So I decide not to jump in the crowd just yet. I only wear cloths that define me,my own personality and comfortable.

You see, I love the high street fashion, expressing your own personality to your everyday life. The real people clothes (what I call it). Simple,practical and look good. =) Hence, I become the observer for the whole month on fashion that works. (I told you analyze gene is in me.LOL =P)


I found out these blogs hijabstyle, hijabscarf and hijabvogue have all the criteria I desire. Up to date, with sense of practicality. That's how I know about Dian Pelangi, which make me wondered again through the blogosphere searching her own personal blog. (I enjoyed too~<3)>

For now, let's just sit down quietly, listen,observe and appreciate.

p/s: It's kinda sad when I went to one lovely muslimah boutique and found out they sell 'bonggol unta' (a stuff that make hair bun look higher). It stated clearly in hadith. So much for muslimah fashion eh?


MaRdHatILLah(Fatahiyyah) said...

salam anum..
lama x jenguk anum..kadang2 tertunggu2 dalam tertunggu2 tu terlepas pandang jugak.maybe sebab sibuk kot..anum sihat?masih bercuti lg ker?

Simon Malik said...


lama betul tak singgah blogg nih.
sudah berubah wajah ^^